Restaurant POS


Restaurant POS

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management has been made really easy with RestPOS installed in a restaurant.┬áRestPOS permits restaurant employees to operate during a organized manner,& helps the restaurant manager to have tight control all told aspects of their restaurant.In Todays competitive world,knowing your business has ne’er been so vital.RestPOS offers all the tools necessary to know the operation very well,giving the management the entire management of their business.
The bottom line in your operation is to produce a rewarding experience for your customers. RestPOS helps you achieve that goal, as it is simply easier to train your employees, easier for the workers to quickly and accurately place orders, and easier for your managers to trace and compile sales and inventory data. RestPOS allows everybody in your operation to higher serve your customers and build the most effective use of your investment.This is exactly the reason that several thousands of restaurants have chosen RestPOS to run their POS Systems.


MAJOR options

  • Customize Food Menus to suit your business.
  • Supports Multiple employees Shifts.
  • Manages Table order, Takeaway, Delivery, staff, complementary, wastage, banquet etc.
  • Supports Sales by money or Credit cards, multiple currency, credit Sales charge.
  • Allows KOT tickets display with bump button or print KOT for kitchen.
  • Multiple or single departments KOT printing (i.e. kitchen area, sandwich area, etc.)
  • Supports restaurant pos online table Reservations (additional option).
  • Supports weight scales for Sweets and Weighed food things.
  • Supports coming up with table orders visual layout like your edifice.
  • Selection of facet item at the side of menu things, drink modifiers, and cookery directions.
  • Supports a special service charges/tax for dine-out or dine-in orders.
  • Easily Whole bill discount minus by proportion or Associate in Nursing quantity, Item discount.
  • Supports happy hour valuation, order splits or combines for things.
  • Prints reports showing Z Report, Day end, Shift wise, daily sales, monthly sales, yearly sales, sales per cashier, sales per terminal, tables per server etc.
  • Complete TAX CODES (VAT) taxation feature for countries where taxation is required.
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